Benefits of Choosing Online Freight Forwarder


Benefits of Choosing Online Freight Forwarder

2021-09-16 02:59:04

If you ever had any trouble deciding whether to choose an online or a traditional freight forwarder, this article will help dissolve all your doubts. Freight forwarding is one of the last major industries stuck in the past. Only 60% of freight forwarding companies have embraced digitalisation and have embedded information technology to their business model. In the next few years, the volumes of air freight in particular, will increase substantially, but freight forwarders have to keep up with technological advances in order to manage and consequently leverage on this increase. New technologies, such as big data and machine learning, can automate processes and improve the quality of customer service. In this article, we identify and present all the benefits associated with using an online freight forwarder, so you can be fully informed before making a decision.

1. Start Your Shipping Process at the Click of Your Finger

Once you have decided to ship your products, you want to finish as soon as possible. This process is very complicated in a way that it can waste your resources and consume your valuable time. Online freight forwarders, such as Haulystic Innovations, know that you are busy and they want to make everything easy for you. Hence, the moment that you add your details and shipment requirements to the online platform, this information is simultaneously shared to all relevant parties making the process possible to start immediately. In general, booking, managing and tracking your shipments is 80% quicker while working with an online freight forwarder than with a traditional one.

2. Minimizing Complexity

Information technology and digitalisation can lower the levels of complexity in the shipping process. Booking with an online freight forwarding platform combines different stages of the shipping process, such as custom clearance, warehousing storage and payment. Further, digital platforms can better manage higher volumes, not only for simple but also for more complex products. This digitalisation leads to the decrease of costs and the increase of devotion to customer service.

3. Delays Can Be Prevented

In the traditional old-fashioned booking with a traditional freight forwarder, the shipping process can be delayed many times due to various factors. For example, documentation and customs might get stuck or someone can delay the process without properly informing the other members in the supply chain. But one thing that online freight forwarders provide is better communication. There is full visibility and tracking of the process by the customers and the different parties involved in the supply chain, so in case a delay occurs everyone will be notified right away.

4. Customization and Convenience of Services

Another benefit of working with an online freight forwarder is that you can have full access to personalised reports according to your specific needs. You can browse the services, state your shipment requirements, add insurance and anything you might need. Moreover, you can see the exact price that you will pay and keep track on all the required documents. Most importantly, you can do all these things at your own time and convenience making sure that you are well informed before making a business decision.

5. Better Customer Service

Digital freight forwarding companies understand the need for personal engagement with their customers. It is vital for them to be able to communicate regularly with their clients and to ensure excellent customer service. This communication does not have to be impersonal via emails, rather customer service agents are always keen to arrange a phone call or a face to face meeting. In addition, digitalization helps these companies to drive the transactional costs down meaning that they do not have a limit on how many people they can provide services to.

6. Accuracy of the information

Searching for all the information that you need just by yourself can be very time consuming, especially when you can find many misleading and incorrect information on the internet. Online freight forwarders often partner with legitimate associations that provide them with accurate information. You can find data that reflect the real-time markets and are daily updated. Having correct information at your disposal means that you can focus on getting things done, rather than browsing the internet for the right answers.

7. Unlimited Network

Online freight forwarding companies can operate across the globe without border or network limitations. Digitalisation allows them to offer their services worldwide at the same speed and intensity as operating nationally. Thus, you can benefit from such a broad network of partners to collaborate and ship your products to. Finally, working with an online freight forwarder means that you can book your shipments and contact the freight agents even while being in completely different time zones.

8. Transparency and Simplicity

The lack of transparency in payments and the complexity of paperwork and regulations are some of the hurdles that suppliers and buyers of freight forwarding services face every day. The advantages of booking your shipments online are that you can track the whole process from your screen, you can access all the documentation that you will need in order to complete your shipments and of course, you can see in advance the exact amount of covering charges you need to pay, from the point of collection to the point of delivery. Additionally, many digital freight forwarding companies such as Haulystic Innovations, provide a market intelligence section where you can see pricing and costings according to your requirements.

To sum up, there are many problems for all the relevant parties when it comes to freight forwarding but there are also ways to overcome them. Being digital is a solution that cannot resolve all the issues that may appear in logistics, but is a good first step.

We, at Haulystic understand the problems you face when you are trying to ship your products and we are here to help you overcome these obstacles and make everything as convenient as possible.

Haulystic cares about your shipments and cares about you! We look forward to welcoming you to our family and to starting the unique experience of booking online.

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