Groupage And Road Freight Services: Make The Best Choice


Groupage and Road Freight Services: Make the Best Choice

2019-02-07 14:22:22

Are you sure that you know the best shipping option for your shipments and your business?

What is the right choice, FLT, LTL or even Groupage services?

Don’t worry, I will help you get a clear understanding of all these options, so you can make an informed decision for your business.

The shipping process can be very complex because there are many different options that you can choose for your cargo. In the road freight services, you can either choose FLT, or LTL, or you can even combine these two and choose a groupage option. But, let’s break it down and understand what each of these options mean.

FTL (Full Truck Load)
FTL means that the shipment will take up an entire truck. As you can imagine, FTL is usually used for large shipments of 10 or more pallets, weighting more than 10,000 pounds.

It’s not mandatory to reject the FTL option if you have a smaller shipment. Actually, you need to ask yourself some questions before deciding whether to choose the FTL option.

What is the size of your shipment?

What is the nature of your shipment? (Is it fragile? Is it temperature sensitive?)

Do you need to deliver your shipment quickly to the final destination?

If your shipment is at high risk, then it is wise to use FTL, as you reduce the likelihood of your cargo being damaged. Further, if you want your shipment to quickly reach its final destination, then, once again you can benefit from FTL.

The major advantage of FTL is that, your shipment will remain on the same truck from point A to point B, since an entire truck holds only one shipment, your shipment. FTL price rates are set on a cost per mile basis or on a single door to door rate. Moreover, these shipments are subject to fuel surcharges.

When it comes to the disadvantages of FTL, every one can point out its high price. It is an expensive option that is often prohibited for shippers with smaller shipments or small businesses. In addition, FTL gives drivers the opportunity to set prices and availability, making it difficult for the shippers to find the right driver at the right time.