Fine Best Practices to Choose Your Freight Forwarder


7 Best Practices to Choose Your Freight Forwarder and Reduce costs

2021-09-16 03:38:56

Moving products, equipment, and raw materials to any location around the globe demand expertise and organization skills. This is why business companies and individuals want to hire a freight forwarder when it comes to shipping their goods. With employing a freight forwarding service in place, you can ensure that your items will be shipped safely and on time. The freight service companies ease the customers’ worries by adapting to updated web tools that help customers to track their shipments and how much time still require for the delivery.

The following tips will help you choose the best freight shipping service and cut down costs:

1. Determine Your Transportation Method

You have to choose the mode of transportation that can save you a considerable amount. For international shipping, shipping products by sea is cheaper than air. For national and local shipping, you can choose “by road” as your transportation mode. Therefore, you must choose a shipping company that can ship by sea, air, and road.

2. Ship during Off-Peak Periods

You can reduce the freight forwarding expenses by shipping a day earlier or later. You can choose Fridays and Mondays to ship road freight, as it is an off-peak time. Customers want to get their products delivered by Thursday, so logistics management companies will act accordingly. However, off-peak period shipment won’t suit all products. If it is a non-consumer type product, you can choose an off-peak time for shipment. Choose a company that can ship as per your needs and budget.

3. Be Aware of Additional Charges

You must make sure to choose the transport logistics company that has no hidden costs. Besides just driving, a shipping company may have to load or unload the items or make extra stops for the delivery. The shipping companies mostly are transparent and will include all these services in the cost estimation. However, some companies will surprise their customers by charging extra amounts. You must inquire about the cost of the services offered by a company before hiring.

4. Use a Mix of Transportation Modes

Rather than choosing one transportation mode, you can choose the combination of road, sea, and air transportations to save your transportation time and cost accordingly. The shipping company will make an effort to offer discounts if you use the mix of transportation methods offered by them.

5. Check the Company’s Insurance

You must hire a freight forwarding service that has cargo insurance. You can save a great deal of money, as the cargo insurance helps to get the compensation for your damaged, lost or broken goods. Otherwise, you have to pay for the damages.

6. Route Optimization

Choose the freight forwarding service that always selects optimum and accurate routes for the shipment of your goods. This helps to reduce your transportation time and costs.

7. Inventory Management

Choose the shipping company that provides storage, handling, and distribution of the goods at one go and when required. You can find freight forwarding services that are equipped with warehouses not just for storage, but also for handling the goods efficiently for packing, sorting, and labeling. Therefore, you do not need to hire a warehouse separately and spend an extra amount to ship your goods from the warehouse to the shipping company.

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