Benefits of 5G in logistics industry


How 5G will benefit the logistics industry

2021-09-16 03:49:14

With the introduction of 5G network, many benefits will be brought forward to the world of business, in particular for Haulystic. 5G network is a unique development to the logistics industry as its principal purpose is to virtually connect anything in the world including people, machines, and devices, which would reduce processing time and increase efficiency allowing Haulystic to provide unparalleled service.

For every meter of coverage, 5G can cover 1,000 more devices and 100 times faster than 4G. With faster service, lower lag times and larger areas of coverage, Haulystic shall propel the use of time-sensitive Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Thus, 5G may be one of the key enablers of facilitating data management and analysis.

Supply chain visibility is one of the biggest challenges faced in the logistics industry. It is simple to track the location of your parcel locally; however, it is not as simple to obtain the same experience with bigger volumes travelling across the globe. There is always steps of the process that are not visible and require a wide and trustworthy network. Thus, Haulystic invests immensely to maintain and grow this network to ensure the quality and reliability of the service providing comfortability to consignees. Nonetheless, the introduction of 5G network will be a game-changer. End-to-end tracking is now a possibility. Portable online live trackers that monitor the location, status and condition of goods will discard this "dead zone". 5G would enable these smart devices that would easily attach containers, trucks, boxes, and parcels to track key metrics such as live location, temperature, humidity, light, shock, amongst others.

It is no secret that self-driving vehicles are an upcoming and disrupting product that can ultimately be successfully implemented in the supply chain market with 5G network. Since 5G data provides 50 times faster lag time (1 millisecond) compared to 4G, autonomous trucks and autonomous delivery are much more viable technologies that will support Haulystic to shift from labour-intensive mechanisms to expeditious and dynamic methods simplifying its operations through the chain of supply. However, this technology will surely face various challenges such as adaptability to the current logistics industry and overcoming government regulations.

Haulystic is a major leader in the logistics industry dealing with millions of parcels daily. This requires extremely well-organised warehouses, high-quality software and hardware and experienced operational teams on the field. However, with the integration of 5G and instantaneous updates on cargo movements, technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can become exceptionally useful in the methods used at Haulystic. Augmented Reality applications would allow the Operations team to mitigate any risk of error managing cargo such as misplaced parcels or cargo losses. Additionally, it can be useful to receive real-time live visual information for repairing all kinds of current assets including trucks and machinery without any need for training hence, reducing maintenance and repairing expenses.

Haulystic is a fast-growing supply chain enterprise with wide horizons constantly adapting to financial and technological developments seeking maximum efficiency and providing premium quality service to customers. By integrating the 5G network, Haulystic is investing in the future and building a wide network between all machines and people. From cheaper Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, end-to-end tracking, self-driving trucks, Augmented Reality and much more, 5G network will increase Haulystic performance substantially continuing to be the leader of the Logistics industry.

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