Haulystic offers unique digital freight forwarding solution comprehensively covering all your requirements under one roof. If you're looking for cost-effective freight services, we can offer both in-house and external supplier access simply register on our platform and raise a free RFQ. our unique system will match a suitable supplier with competitive rates from the world’s leading freight forwarders.


Agile approach

Haulystic offers unique agile options for freight forwarding we provide comprehensive service options from collections, operational checks, screening, unit building, customs entry and paperwork, linehaul arrangements, delivery to ports, oversees customs clearance, final door delivery. We offer a personalized service to all our clientele to ensure the customer expectations are met throughout the process of engagement, we never see any shipment as a transactional activity by giving a seamless experience we promote long term and sustainable business relationships.

For every transaction we appoint a dedicated account manager with digital updates as a standard of service, all our users have 24/7 access to subject matter experts support to discuss any issues.

Tangible savings

Haulystic adds tangible value add to your supply chain by creating synergies and exclusive partnerships with major brands worldwide which in turns offers guaranteed tangible cost savings through our intelligent procurement strategies.

Pipeline visibility

We work with exclusive linehaul partners on direct contracts, we're able to provide you with real-time updates, so you can responsively plan for arrival dates and times. Working with Haulystic will help make your warehouse team's job easier and save your company time and money.

Paperless Documentation

Despite of AI and advanced technology era, shipment paperwork is still a major huddle for international export and import.multiple documents, like credit notes or bills of lading needs to be precise and many businesses make multiple copies, amendments and print out shipping documents before finalizing the paperwork. furthermore, one shipment can create a healthy file of paperwork plus printing and filing time alone can tie up excessive time of professionals who should be focused on business growth.Haulystic solves this phenomenon through providing real-time editable cloud-based documentation in personalized digital dashboards, all the documents are securely stored in the cloud database and can be retrieved, amended or used at any time of shipment life cycle giving you time to focus on your business core competencies.

Commercial customs

Our customs team comprises of an inhouse and extensive network of licensed professionals with decades of experience with the largest names in the industry.

Comprehensive Customs

Navigating complex customs process can be daunting. Our customs subject experts help ensure you get it right every step of the way

Full visibility

Clearing customs is a process. We provide a digital version of each document and status updates on demand.

Commercial deliveries

Whether your choice is of a commercial delivery, courier delivery or postal delivery we extensively cover it all through our exclusive partners, we collaborate with world’s leading last mile delivery partners which provides fully tracked delivery options to suit all your final mile delivery solutions, most importantly we provide this at market leading and unbeatable rates.

We’re Hiring

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