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Operational Handling

Haulystic "Provides Global Freight Movement for Ecommerce and Cross Border Distribution"

Haulystic specialise in operational handling of global e-commerce and cross borders distribution for post and parcel industry, our service includes but not limited to consolidation , customs clearance , logistics , cargo screening , freight handling , unit building , airport cargo drops and collections , linehaul , air freight , road freight , sea freight , fulfilment and final mile in essence we cover the full end to end pipeline from the point of inception in production lines to the final mile customer door.

The global linehaul industry for ecommerce and cross borders distribution is becoming ever more complicated, with heightened security procedures, constant changes to customs regimes, increasing pressures from competitors and ever-changing business landscape. Haul line have developed a simple cargo booking facility covering Air, Sea, Road, and final mile all in one platform .

The Best Operational Handling of Global e-commerce and Cross Borders Distribution for Post and Parcel industry

Our consolidation centres in Asia and U.K actively performs the first mile activities including cargo screening and unit building preparations. Our global reach with airlines, hauliers and sea vessels allow us to book the most cost competent linehaul designed against the required product quality. Once the product arrives in destinations, we perform in house customs clearance, collect the product from handlers and start preparation for final mile entry, we just don’t stop there we further perform comprehensive final mile carrier management , ensuring the quality of service is consistently delivered , we further offer London based customer services to proactively deal with day to day customer issues and robust returns management .

Our unique technology Haul line serves as operational system, through which shipments are managed globally by our teams. This provides seamless connectivity and visibility between locations. Haul line is a pioneering supply chain management tool, providing technical solutions designed specifically for global freight movement for ecommerce and cross border volumes the system.

Why Us!

Haulystic prides itself for adding tangible value add to each segment of post and parcel distribution , our customer centric approach has allowed us to serve range of clientele from largest Fashion Retailers to E-commerce platforms to E-merchants and E-seller whatever the size of business you run Haulystic can assure you guaranteed speed and reliability in your pipeline.

Transparent Pricing

The world of international supply chains involves a myriad of unknown risks and challenging.

Real-Time Tracking

We ensure our customers’ supply chains are fully compliant by our comprehensive practices.

Warehouse Storage

Depending on your product, needs and requirements, we provide warehouse activities.

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