Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Pharma Storage and Distribution

Haulystic works with the most reliable pharma distribution specialist companies in the world who offers the most secure and timely transport. We protect your inventory at every stage of the product lifecycle. Our strategically positionedGxP-compliant facilities extend your global footprint for the storage and distribution of both clinical trial materials and commercial product distribution.


Efficiency beyond imagination

Our pharma storage facilities enrich operational efficiency by helping you seamlessly access the most challenging drug regulatory processes. With proven practices for product safety, including redundant security measures and comprehensive SOPs, our fully GxP-compliant facilities are purpose-built to protect your stocks and assets. Our unique digital technology has added an additional layer of compliance assurance for all your document controls

Optimization of your supply chain

Haulystic subject matter experts who know every inch of pharma landscape and strategic suppliers with strong expertise ensures the optimized handling, logistics, and delivery of your products. We exceed our customer expectations by offering superior services as standard practices, including damage checks of each received shipment, damaged security mechanisms in preparing and shipping procedures. Urgent or standard deliveries covered worldwide

Our global supplier's network is inimitable and built for purpose:

Our purposed facilities cover a range of storage options, separate storage lockers for every protocol, released drugs, quarantined drugs, returned and recalled drugs, open pallet storage in the desired location and varied temperature controls such as: Storage for: Controlled ambient (+15°C to +25°C), Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C), Frozen (-20°C) on demand, Deep frozen (-70°C) on demand, Liquid nitrogen (-196°C) on demand
Our pharma customers understand it takes excessive time to establish good pharma distribution network with suppliers/manufacturers. Haulystic have done the groundwork for buyers in building a digital network with worldwide pharma suppliers. By accesing, the established distribution networks our buyers understand that Haulystic can achieve all parties a fair and market-leading rate and more importantly serve the human worked with high-quality medicines at affordable prices.

Digital market intelligence

Our digital platform provides unique market intelligence to all our users to help make informed business decisions, we strongly believe in bringing transparency to pharma supply chain and our disruptive technology has helped us transform and reshape the industry status quos

Clinical trials support

Clinical trials support We have an extensive global network, and selective subject experts for on-boarding new studies and setting up working instructions. There is a full series of custody through bulk shipment, storage and warehouse-to-site distribution with combined solutions including packaging. We offer flexibility in our operations including labeling and just-in-time customization, comparator and ancillary sourcing across the globe. Our suppliers offer a range of additional support services for clinical trials. We have established guidelines for the receiving, storage, distribution and destruction of Biosafety Level (BSL) 1 and 2 organisms. Our suppliers archiving service supports thousands of trials and billions of data pieces, allowing trial administrators long-term access to secure records. We offer a variety of labeling services to satisfy national regulatory requirements. Finally, our destruction services follow local guidelines in every country and provide documentation to be archived with details of what has been demolished.


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