Postal Supply Chain

Haulystic is postal sector specialist with years of experience in the postal supply chain. Our goal is to create unique pipeline management plans tailored to your specific needs while keeping your customer experience and quality at the heart of our operations, we offer a range of delivery networks with direct entry options in all major countries with comprehensive multi-modal linehaul and full pipeline visibility of your shipments at highly cost competitive rates.

Guaranteed speed and reliability in your pipeline.


Tailor-made options

Haulystic offers unique flexible options for the postal solution, our customer can either choose a fully comprehensive service covering Leg 1 (first mile), Leg 2 (linehaul management) and Leg 3 (final mile delivery) fully managed by Haulystic or can choose a specific leg for Haulystic value to add through postal channels

Live market intelligence

View the market leading rates digitally updated daily to help you make informed business and commercial decisions, historically the linehaul market rates for postal shipments has been highly protective as the market tends to leveraged the need of postal shipment must move status by using Haulystic we challenge the status quo at every step of the way to offer fair market leading rates to our postal shipments customers, never pay a penny more for your shipments by using Haulystic, learn the market trends at your fingertips by moving to a new age of digital sourcing


Tangible Hard Savings

Haulystic adds tangible commercial value add to your supply chain by creating synergies and exclusive partnerships with major linehaul suppliers and postal partners worldwide which in turns offers guaranteed tangible cost savings through our intelligent procurement strategies. We have over 8000 plus strategic linehaul partners and delivery providers with direct contract rates access exclusively offered to Haulystic clientele, “words are cheap we would like to prove this action”, give us Haulystic an opportunity today.

Know every milestone of your shipments

Conventionally, the first mile (leg 1) and linehaul (leg 2) is both the most important and least transparent part of postal shipments. By allowing our strategic linehaul partners and network partners to collaborate directly on the Haulystic platform, we're able to provide you with real-time updates, so you can manage customer expectations seamlessly. Working with Haulystic will help make your customers retention and growth process easier and save your company time and money.

Delivery duty paid options

Though postal customs are covered under Universal Postal Union (UPU), we can provide full DDP solutions in major countries, whether it is producing AWB for your postal shipments or completing NES entries we cover it all, Our customs team is comprising of in-house and extensive network of licensed professionals with decades of experience with the largest names in the industry providing a comprehensive and compliant solutions for all your needs

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