Sea Freight

Sea Freight

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Haulystic provides a myriad of services to our customers in which customer product performance management and competitive linehaul costing is our core competency Click on the Individual services and know more about our comprehensive service offering and how we do it.

Sea Transport – Sea Linehaul

Sea transport is a gigantic industry with a huge number of suppliers. The innovative portal of Haulystic has given all the players a common ground to compete. The prices vary according to each vendor and you as a consumer will have the opportunity to get the best out of all of them by comparing them in real time.

There are four major segments to sea transport and these are:

➢ Cargo Agents

➢ Handlers

➢ Customs

➢ Door to door delivery

Haulystic is highly competitively priced and it guarantees a unique customer engagement experience.

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