How Digitization makes the Supply Chain increasingly Effective and Customer


How Digitization makes the Supply Chain increasingly Effective and Customer - Focused?

2021-09-16 03:40:58

Today, the supply chain includes a series of disconnected and isolated phases such as marketing, product development, manufacturing, and distribution. The products will be in the hands of the customers after travelling through these phases. However, digitization will provide a completely integrated supply chain management ecosystem that is transparent to everyone involved in the process, including raw materials and products suppliers, transporters, and customers.

A number of factors will play a key role in the digitized supply chain logistics, which include:

  • Integrated planning and execution
  • Smart procurement and warehousing
  • Logistics visibility
  • Autonomous logistics
  • Advanced analytics
  • Spare parts management

Digitization allows real-time adjustments in the supply chain depending on various conditions. The digitized supply chain network will provide the freight forwarder or freight forwarding companies a new degree of responsiveness and resiliency to beat the competition and provide transparent and efficient service delivery to customers.

Here are the steps that explain how digitization makes the supply chain effective and customer-focused:

Robots into the Warehouse

You can implement automation to reduce the need for humans and improve the finesses of the works. A robot can quickly organize things than humans, saving you the time and money that you spend on hiring labourers. You can be in a better position to organize the order fulfilment technology with these robots. Upgrading your warehouse with robots can be expensive, so initially use one or two robots and see how it goes.

Use of Advanced Technologies

Bluetooth and Radio Frequency Identification technologies can be used to track inventory and movement of goods. Of course, 3D printers can be used to capture humidity and temperature conditions, as they are equipped with readable sensor tags that can be attached to cargo. For transportation by sea, Global System for mobile communication and satellite tracking can be used. The sensors in ships can monitor their engine performances. All these advanced technologies help shipping companies gain huge visibility in their transportation networks.

Track-and-Trace Technologies

Real-time supply chain adjustments are always in demand. Digitization allows real-time adjustments, which helps business partners, customers, and authorities to manage and respond to risks, including potential risks and those that have already occurred. Track-and-trace technologies help to react to risks in a responsive and documented way.

Optimize Lead Times

Digitization allows optimizing the lead time for raw materials and production capacity to make sure factory availability on time and distribution planning.

Improve Cash Flow

If the supply chain moves faster, less capital is tied in it. This results in an improved cash flow, which is a crucial benefit for freight forwarding companies.

Many freight forwarding companies now are planning to invest in the digital supply chain system to streamline their business and its operations. The numbers will definitely increase over the next two years. The shipment companies that updated to the digital supply chain system will gain huge advantages in cost reduction, customer service, less to zero delays, flexibility, and efficiency. They can flourish in their business with the digital supply chain system.

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