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How to Select a Best International Freight Forwarder In a nutshell, what do we do?

2021-09-16 03:42:07

Haulystic is a new age digital global freight forwarder, providing delivery options by Air Freight, Road Freight and Ocean Freight. With modernised systems and a combination of powerful disruptive technology as well as dedicated subject experts. We are able to give you total control of your supply chain, so you can be sure not to be disappointed!

Haulystic and its synergy partners are market leading providers for warehousing, storage, fulfilment and distribution worldwide. With our warehouse storage facility situated close to our office, we guarantee exceptional and instant warehousing solutions for our customers.

At Haulystic we possess our own bonded warehouse in heart of London Heathrow and equal partner with market-leading warehousing and fulfilment providers globally to create a seamless and cost-efficient experience for all our clients.

Why us?

Want to know what makes us stand out from all our competitors, here’s a list of the unique services that we provide;

  • Free Live trending intelligence updated daily with highly competitive rates
  • Full end to end pipeline visibility with tracking for all shipments
  • Contract and global compliance management
  • Highly secure and fast payment solutions on shipment tracking and proof of delivery

Get all the granular visibility you need to take back full control of your supply chain. Manage your Pipeline &stay organised with alerts and updates from our operations team, we will guide you throughout the whole process.

We are fully aware that supplying and buying pharmaceutical products can be very frustrating in this industry, mainly due to numerous regulations and practises in the countries of import as well as in the countries of export.

If you are or you want to become a supplier or buyer of pharmaceuticals, we will readily inform you of these regulations along with the required documentation that you have to be compliant with, in order to be eligible to sell your products across the globe. We will support you all throughout!

Facts speak louder than words!

At Haulystic we firmly believe in transparency. We provide Digital market intelligence updated on a day to day basis to help you make informed business decisions with statistical evidence.

Let’s get to the facts; on average our client savings stands tall at 32%, we believe “words are cheap “and would like to demonstrate tangible savings in objective terms.

Our first-rate operations team will handle all your goods with care and guarantee fulfilment on storage and our tremendous innovative solutions, tailored precisely to your business will keep you and your business moving to bigger and better scales than ever before.

Our strongest belief

For a very long time, the supply chain has been little to do with customers., it has always been about the tonnes of processes involved within. It is no doubt that Supply chains are highly complex as it is made up of several links in a tangled-up chain which means it is so easy to lose effective communication.

Simplicity is by no doubt hard to find with this type of business; in fact, they are continuously getting more complex by the day and clients are forced to be reliant on multiple parties which makes everything so much harder to visualise in terms of your supply chain.

Here at Haulystic we believe in unified communication with our clients and building relationships so we can offer the best rates possible alongside excellent services. For that reason, we like to make everything simple for you by firstly understanding our customer needs and making Your goals Our goals leading our way to customer satisfaction. WIN-WIN for us both!

We are flexible to all our different types of customers no matter where in the world you are shipping from or where in the world we are shipping to, we make sure that every service is customised to your chosen location.

No matter the size or complexity of your business we have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to deliver at whatever capacity you wish to, when you need it the most.

No matter what time of the year; whether that’s - New year Easter - Christmas or whatever season; Summer, Autumn, Spring or winter. Whatever the condition, you name it! We can provide deliveries even at peak times and we are sure not to dissatisfy your needs.

Simplified Invoices

Our unique invoicing system displays invoices and detailed shipment activities side by side, reconciling invoices takes minutes instead of hours with our up to date technology. Our exclusive relationships with leading suppliers will allow you to access market-leading rates so you can compare and view tangible hard cost savings. Your finance team will find it so much easier to manage your finances this way.

Are you a buyer or supplier?

Our services as listed on our website come in two different areas. You can either register as a strategic buyer for Haulystic or you can register as a strategic supplier.

Why should I be a supplier to Haulystic? -

Extending your market presence with high profile contracts will you better recognition. Long term contracts will reward you with sustainability and further growth. Shipment document control allows you to precisely see where your parcels are and whether they have been rightfully delivered.

How will you benefit from becoming a buyer you may ask?

As a buyer, you will receive highly competitive service rate cards and negotiable deals on built trust and relationships. You will not need to make risky intuitive decisions, with Haulystics you can make informed decisions based on real facts and figures, which of course is a vital element in working out profit maximisation. Your payments will only be made to suppliers on confirmation of full-service delivery and at Haulystic we work hard to maintain this fair rule. Full contract and compliance management mean you will not have to worry about any of these issues.

Whatever you wish to be whether that’s a supplier or buyer we provide free registration and we can quote you real figures in order to help you make the right decision.

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